LYRICS: M.I Abaga – L.A.M.B Martell Cypher 2019 ft. Blaqbonez, A-Q & Loose Kaynon

M.I Abaga – L.A.M.B Martell Cypher 2019 Ft. Blaqbonez, A-Q & Loose Kaynon
M.I Abaga L.A.M.B Martell Cypher 2019 Mp3 Download

M.I Abaga – L.A.M.B Martell Cypher 2019 LyricsM.I Abaga – L.A.M.B Martell Cypher 2019 Lyrics



Blaqbonez one of the field is truly rapping abii

Passing out L to these rappers

cause they know am snapping

You could take your L ideal off the back like L.L Cool Jay Or some place in the center like Samuel L jackson yo

Getting every one of these honors

Take a gander at us We the triumphant group

Nigga talk waste Don’t make us pull up with the magazines Body sack into the apocalypse I likely ask John Boyega to drop him off into pacific edge

Am snapping once more

Beginning an enormous assault with the stick

Am alongside the ruler

Fairly upto me see

In any case, am hanging tight for M

Educational system, Violations


No challenge

Where am chilling is a mountain in ghetto

Its like the spider web is the issue

in a building that way

You are outside looking

Try not to make me go to the window with the mag

Fight rappers dependably tryna get at me

Yet, they missing like actually when we talk about cash

they Cant truly state am shocked

Like for genuine man

Mehn I get it

the greater the nigga

The more consideration you get when you diss them

On the off chance that you truly wanna fight

Pay my appointments nigga

nigga tryna resemble me

ought to compose a book for this niggas


bar so dope

Am getting high off my own supplyings

Spitting off my own poo

Stoney passing like go light

I been more than hear discussion

I truly did it

Income hit a couple milli

How you believe that am feeling

(Free Kaynon)

How is there still a discussion

In the event that you need the encounter

At that point quit talking

Am too enormous to toss stones at each puppy yelping

Am home alone in this hip-bounce poo my ***

Y’all some pursue the administration

stop with this talking

Its not in the chronnies home

You feigning

so watch your tone

Your humble face to face

In any case, online you act Capon

Disregard me

When I get in my zone

I start a J

Also, state Kanye Watch the royal position

Was screwing poor for some time

So ex-ed her

Achievement had a beau

I got her number and content her

She called me common

I said my first name was additional

Desire put me to the odd

Be that as it may, hunger was my electro stream

So extraordinary uh

Not all that much

Cut fro an alternate material

See you could check the surface

Hip-jump was in a condition of latency

100 Misgivings put on the weight

Mind your kindred rapper

Expectation him well shaa

Open the amusement when I pass

cause the group solid

Hundred crowns rapsical legends

this the signature melody

Y’all complete the process of dissing

with regards to beefing

I like you crude

Your lungs dem sufficiently enormous

for all the smoke that you requesting

Cleaned up rappers turn pop

endeavoring to sound hip-jump craftsmen

That is not a boss

Quiets the fuck down in any case

No one asked you

Your feeling is junk talk

We not gon let that crap fly

Sit that plane on the assfault


Am the head

nigga in control

the general

Furthermore, the sarge

Y’all niggas are samurai

Air pocket treatment

I give the beat a profound tissue rub

This is OG talk

Give your enormous homie my respects


Taking shots?

Hit the nail on the head when you point

You into vocation suicide

Am not the one to fault

Pregnant with thoughts of utilizing me tryna advance beyond the amusement

Why you require premature births

I’ll murder you before you get a name


The following rapper needs no presentation

I have bloomed

Three traditional collections

Am at present on my fourth one

I will make it difficult for you to work

Y’all attempt to explode

I’ll make a huge deal about poo

This is divine beings vision

Am glancing through flawless focal points

God got it

the god-stream is in flawless tenses

Divine beings in building

each time I let the pen talk

God’s in him, Godzilla

Break your resistances

Check the manner in which I flip it

the bars Prophetically calamitous

The part you envision

the creative ability is distinctive

My pen my shabby exactness is intelligence

Furthermore, damn it is

Making rappers madder than current women’s activists

yea all

Enemy claim organizations

what’s more, I can make you one

Regular assets my voice is far premium

How you taking shots with a delicate bar collection

Those joints aint solid

Enough You need calcium

Conflict with me

There must be two results

You lose

you lose

Like Buhari or Atiku

On the off chance that that is the base zone which you **

At that point I don’t have to

You can give them a chance to betray you however homie

Ain’t with you

You do it for the glitz

I do it for what I put stock in

Make your young ladies mouth a pleasant place to put kids in

In the event that they quit the drug

I hit her with the penicillin

She stuck on like microscopic organisms

Am back tearing her

Fans never miss the genuine

Me I never miss a slaughter

Here today gone tomorrow

brother you are mister genuine

Take your battle

Pick the battle I can possess all the necessary qualities

To keep it genuine

Your best rapper is still stuckon stuid dealAnd in the event that he can take it

Am accompanying thin cases

At the point when the lamba hits you

The shackle will switch places

Land from my smooth pages

We part your rib confines

Abandoning you for gazy

Am kinda similar to two JayZs

we resigned of the stone countries

I shake fella

I do women

Screw the Business

What’s more, paper

Y’all are with bags

What you saying

Who you playing

Who the screw you screwing with

All of y’all could suck a dick

Am a legend like 2face is

Possibly not

I might be close mehn

Screw this crap mehn

(M.I Abaga)

Here and there rapping isnt fun by any stretch of the imagination

There is nothing I can gloat about

I done everything

Swear the rapper I can meat well mehn I set them all

Also, its genuine

Appealing to the sky, trusting that nourishment fall


Twofold ** in the primary floor

What am I even on this stanza for

Gracious I get it

When you stick a blade inside an injury when its mending up

It harms more

I see the stairs of what we assembling

You can never locate the primary floor


The figure that issues

the fights

Am most brilliant, and am the head

Continuously the head

Like ni**a sucking V***nas

We touch base to enable you to drive it out

My ni***as are gynoes

how we do it isnt reasonable

Since you folks pale skinned people

Gracious, the kid astounding and skilled thus productive

All that I push


they moving the way of life with it

**** when I may spit it

My music travel

Indeed I move a rotate

Give me a chance to be progressively explicit

I disclosed to you rappers fix up

Take a gander at the manner in which you niggas rapping now

They state rap is weaning

Yet, think about what

Naija is back nearby

call me Nepa dawg for your entire life

I’ve been passing out

Since the way

Been on my skipper phillips

Am the skipper now

Four man band

For my dawgs I gat it

Free and A-Q

We should make this wordy

Open for rappers

Who convey item

No doubt that other cognac

This is the means by which you spend your financial plan

f**k it

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