Captain Demuren talks about the delivery of their baby

Beat FM OAP Tolu Oniru Demuren aka Toolz left her career, business, home to make sure their new baby cwas good all through her pregnancy period.
Tooz and her hubby Captain
Tunde Demuren welcomed their first child, a baby boy in the UK weeks ago.
Captain Tunde Demuren has revealed that she sacrificed her job, business, and home just to make sure she had a safe delivery of their child.
The pilot and entrepreneur made this known via his Instagram page on Monday, December 31, 2018, while thanking God for the safe arrival of their baby.

“Mark 11: 24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe it, and it will be yours. This time last year I prayed and asked for a healthy baby. God showed He is God. The I AM THAT I AM. Able God. THE ALPHA et OMEGA and blessed us in His time. My prayer is that this 2019, my God will answer all your prayers. Have faith. Work at it and believe. God will show Himself. Just remember to be thankful.
Captain Demuren speaks about the delivery of their baby
Captain Demuren speaks about the delivery of their baby