ALBUM: Young Nudy & Pi’erre Bourne -Sli’merre

ALBUM: Young Nudy & Pi’erre Bourne -Sli’merre Zip Download

From the opening track on Young Nudy and Pi’erre Bourne’s new collaboration Sli’merre, an experimental tone is put forth. While Nudy has established himself as a vibrant player in the trap music scene, the zany and adventurous production of Pi’erre Bourne allows new elements of his persona to shine through. Throughout its twelve-track runtime, Sli’merre conjures no shortage of delightfully strange sonic decisions, proof that Pi’erre Bourne’s producer’s touch has yet to fade in the slightest. Beats like “Test 1,” “Extendo,” the bittersweet drift of “Sunflower Seeds,” and more provide Nudy with a variety of different pathways to explore.On that note, Nudy’s lyrics and flow both shine, as he ably navigates Pi’erre’s soundscapes with an understated versatility. The aforementioned “Seeds” finds Nudy playing with juxtaposition, as he spits threatening gangster rap bars over a atmospheric, cloud-rap-esque instrumental. The humorously titled “Black Hippy, White Hipster” finds Nudy showcasing a some dry wit, while “Dispatch” encourages him to match DaBaby’s energy over Pi’erre’s dueling synthesizers. Musically, this one might be one of the year’s most interesting project, and Nudy rises to the challenge with a star’s potential. Do yourself a favor, and don’t sleep on Sli’merre. 


  1.  Young Nudy & Pi’erre Bourne – Long Ride
  2. Young Nudy & Pi’erre Bourne – Mister (feat. 21 Savage)
  3.  Young Nudy & Pi’erre Bourne – Sunflower Seeds
  4.  Young Nudy & Pi’erre Bourne – Hot Wings
  5.  Young Nudy & Pi’erre Bourne – Shotta (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)
  6.  Young Nudy & Pi’erre Bourne – Dispatch (feat. DaBaby)
  7.  Young Nudy & Pi’erre Bourne – Black Hippie, White Hipster
  8.  Young Nudy & Pi’erre Bourne – Extendo (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)
  9.  Young Nudy & Pi’erre Bourne – Gas Station
  10.  Young Nudy & Pi’erre Bourne – Swisher Backwood
  11.  Young Nudy & Pi’erre Bourne – Call Dat Bitch Homicide
  12.  Young Nudy & Pi’erre Bourne – Joker

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